Thursday, August 25, 2016

 This is how I think the whole thing went down. Something big hit. Think dwarf planet or small moon. It started to touch the Earth near French Polynesia (Tahiti), going west. I believe the Earth didn't yet have a tilt. This is evidenced
 by the path of impact.
As it entered the earth at an extreme angle, it eventually got about half way in, near -17°, -107°, and the object got sucked into the earth by the friction of collision. Because it went in under the equator, the curvature of the Earth, which would be more prominent to the top of the object, caused the object to turn. This is evidenced by the position of the the "V" (or chevron). It went into the crust and under the surface. The momentum was horizontal, but the path was horizontal. This dichotomy is responsible for the tilt. The Earth was splitting apart, being shoved over, and tilting, simultaneously. Tremendous amounts of heat were being produced. This is why the Earths deserts are where they are. Notice the curve of them, almost like a check mark.

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